About Me

Patrick Camuso is the founder of Camuso CPA who set out to design a firm that transcends the standard industry client service models by taking an entrepreneurial approach to deliver clients the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.

Patrick developed Camuso CPA to specifically serve the markets that he knows best. Leveraging advanced knowledge and experience in tax and accounting Patrick has developed a system tailored to service a community of professionals, both locally and across the country, to save money, time and peace of mind regarding their taxes, finances and business.

About Our Firm

Camuso CPA delivers valuable, on-going support that is relevant, preemptive and timely with the highest level of excellence and quality to every client that forges a business partnership and joins our growing community of clients.

We work very closely with both cryptocurrency and real estate investors along with small business owners nationwide.

If you’re looking for a CPA in Charlotte or anywhere else in the USA, you could stand to gain a lot from our firm. We encourage you to give us a call so we can go over exactly how we can help you. Whether you need tax preparation services, cryptocurrency portfolio analysis, tax planning for your real estate portfolio or any other service provided by a certified accountant, Camuso CPA can help.

Our Client Service Approach

  • Ongoing Support

    All business partners that are part of the Camuso CPA community receive comprehensive support from a dedicated top-tier CPA that takes a proactive and entrepreneurial approach towards your finances.

    Communication is key to any successful business relationship – Camuso CPA is proactive with phone calls and follow-ups, and is client service focused. Camuso CPA has a structured client communication program with preemptive check-ins designed to add continuous value to your business.

  • Upfront Pricing

    We agree on a fixed price based on the services and value we deliver to your company at the beginning of our business relationship. Disincentives and unexpected fees for contacting your business adviser are eliminated.

  • Technology Driven

    Camuso CPA leverages the most cutting edge technology to deliver the highest level of value-added services and to make communication and collaboration seamless. Camuso CPA is a local firm with national reach.

  • Financial Empowerment

    Camuso CPA offers ongoing financial education to all clients, empowering them as business owners and enabling them as members of our community to gain more value from our services and gain greater financial knowledge.

Core Values

Client Value Creation:  Camuso CPA is driven to consistently exceed expectations when serving our clients, understanding that each client is unique and requires dedicated focus.Camuso CPA is focused on delivering actionable, proactive and valuable insights to our clients while meeting all their traditional financial, tax, and accounting needs. We consistently communicate pre-emptive valuable ideas.
Integrity:  Nothing is more important than our reputation – we maintain the highest level of integrity.
Excellence: Camuso CPA has superior technical knowledge to serve our clients and a first-class background and experience.
Quality: Camuso CPA is committed to delivering the highest-level quality to our business partners. Camuso CPA is a foundational part of team and works with you to provide ongoing and relevant support.