1. Crypto Becomes Fastest Growing Fidelity Charitable Donation

    Here at Camuso CPA, we offer CPA tax help for cryptocurrencies in Charlotte. Navigating the waters of the tax regulations for this new monetary medium can be tough. But, it is still well worth it to invest in this exciting new opportunity. In fact, there are so many people making money off of cryptocurrencies that Fidelity Charitable has reported that cryptocurrencies are their fastest growing cha…Read More

  2. Cryptocurrencies as Property & Why People Haven’t Been Reporting

    Here at Camuso CPA, we offer cryptocurrency tax services in Charlotte. Cryptocurrencies are an exciting new currency medium that is fast gaining popularity. However, as a new monetary medium, there is a lot of grey area come tax season. The last thing any good investor wants is to be scrutinized by the IRS, and that is fast becoming a real possibility as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream. He…Read More

  3. 1099-K From Coinbase: What To Do

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  4. Cryptocurrency Tax Returns: Should You Prepare Your Own?

    Many people have reaped some serious rewards from their cryptocurrency investments. It's a lucrative new monetary medium that many people are getting behind. But because it is new, it becomes harder to navigate when tax season comes around. Taxes can be hard enough to understand when you are dealing with normal income, and many people end up leaving money on the table. Mistakes become much more li…Read More

  5. Incorporating to Save Money on Cryptocurrency Taxes

    With the new tax cuts, many people are scrambling to see if they can save money by incorporating, since the new corporate tax rate is much lower than on high income individuals. But how does that affect cryptocurrencies? Here at Camuso CPA, we offer cryptocurrency tax help in Charlotte. To help you better understand how incorporating can save money on cryptocurrency taxes, we thought we would go o…Read More

  6. Can Taxpayers Form Corporations To Minimize Cryptocurreny Tax Exposure?

    The 2018 federal tax reform yielded large corporate tax cuts. As a result, there are lots suggestions to taxpayers to reduce tax liability by incorporating and managing their financial assets through a corporation. The new corporate tax rate is 21 percent for C Corps, which is much lower than the tax rates applied to high-income individuals. Taxpayers are left to determine whether their cryptocur…Read More

  7. Cryptocurrency Facts

    Here at Camuso CPA, we are happy to announce that we are offering cryptocurrency tax help in Charlotte. If you are new to the amazing trend that is cryptocurrency, you aren't alone. The value of certain cryptocurrency has skyrocketed, and any opportunist should be glad to know more about this exciting digital currency. To help you understand this new form of currency, we have listed some facts abo…Read More


    What is a Bounty Campaign? Nowadays, it has become a trend to use bounty campaigns to earn free tokens, and by earning you gain accumulated tokens that in turn are converted to a dollar value. It becomes the wisest marketing strategy, one that uses a broad and wide network of participants. When a project is promoted by its participants or members, it becomes a public relations event known as a bou…Read More


      What is record keeping? It is a system that captures, manages and provides access to records through time, and it can either be electronic or paper system. Well run businesses set out on a purpose to establish and set up appropriate record keeping systems to store data and important details for reference (tax and audit purposes). Either method is acceptable to the IRS. Under Fair Labor Standar…Read More


    What is Flipping? Investors make money in real estate in many ways depending on what their interests and skills are that can help add value to a real estate purchase. Flipping is just one way of making money in the property market that has been proven successful. It is a real estate investment strategy that an investor purchases a property and resells it for a profit. Flipping can be one of the mo…Read More