1. What Advisors Are Not Telling You – Unlock Cash Flow With This IRA Investment Opportunity

    Many individuals and investors are unaware of their accessibility to options that provide them with control over the IRA investments. If a substantial amount of your life savings are locked up in a retirement account this can provide a great opportunity to make a large investment in a  non-traditional investment vehicle. Generally, major financial institutions that manage most U.S. retirement acc…Read More

  2. Local Charlotte CPA Firm Shakes Up the Industry with Proactive Approach and Big Vision

    Redundant firms are know for late delivery of services, little follow-up and an overall low level of client-care.  They take a passive approach to client communication and the bulk of their work is in compliance. The CPA firm landscape is rapidly evolving, local firms like Camuso CPA serve as a model for how CPA firms can successfully respond to industry change and remain relevant. Camuso CPA is …Read More

  3. Streamline Your Accounting System – A CPA’s Perspective

    Maintaining records allows you to gain perspective on your company and provides a basis for business decision making. The level of documentation and systems that you invest time and money into utilizing will depend on your level of business development and financial sophistication. Business owners and investors in earlier stages of business often do not keep records or have very poor recordkeeping…Read More

  4. Cost Segregation: Accelerated Cash Flows and Opportunities For Growth

    Cost Segregation studies allow tax payers to capture accelerated depreciation deductions by reclassifying components of a building into accelerated recovery periods Most commercial properties are depreciated over 39 or 27.5 years. Cost segregation studies are an approved method from the IRS that requires engineers and CPAs to reclassify portions of commercial properties to shorter depreciation liv…Read More

  5. Technology Disruption Offers Tax Maximazation Opportunity to Small Investors and Small Businesses

    Cost Segregation is now cost effective for smaller properties by leveraging cutting edge technology and software designed for CPA's to collaborate with engineers that are experts in cost segregation. Traditionally, cost segregation studies would only be recommended for larger properties with a tax basis over $1,000,000. The cost segregation industry is being disrupted, offering a great opportunity…Read More

  6. Do The “Billionaire Math”

    Take the time to analyze the numbers and calculate how much business activity, sales, or investments are required to reach your perceived level of financial freedom. This exercise is widely recommended and can often seem frivolous but this is not the case. This simple and quick exercise gives you an objective perspective of the level of activity and effort required to reach your goals in clear ter…Read More

  7. Tax Planning Opportunities for Real Estate Investors and Developers

    Your tax bill exhausts a large percentage of your personal and business income. Each individual and business has a unique tax perspective with varying objectives distinguishing each tax planning strategy. Tax planning requires a year-round, hands on approach from a top tier CPA to ensure tax minimization and asset protection. A comprehensive discussion regarding the various stages and strategies a…Read More

  8. Real Estate Professional Status – A CPA’s Perspective

    There are significant tax benefits for investors who can qualify with the IRS for real estate professional status. This is a great tax planning strategy that is particularly beneficial when you have multiple rental properties and have an adjusted gross income below $150,000. When your income is $100,000 or less per year, you can take a real estate loss of $25,000 per year against other income. If …Read More

  9. S Corporation Business Structure – When Does It Make Financial Sense- A CPA’s Perspective

    S corporations can save their owners a significant amount of tax. This tax savings can exceed their entire annual CPA fee. The IRS is naturally monitoring for abuses in this area as the potential dollar savings are substantial. An ideal CPA to advise in this area is a financial expert that works primarily with real estate agents and other professionals utilizing S corporations so they have industr…Read More

  10. Real Estate Investor or Dealer IRS Classification – A CPA’s Perspective

    The real estate investor and dealer classifications determine how the income earned by an investor will be taxed. The real estate dealer classification is scrutinized by the IRS and the definition is subjective. Real estate investors purchase real estate with the intention of holding their properties and gaining a financial return.  Real estate dealers buy and sell real estate as part of their ev…Read More