Calculating your capital gains or losses for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies isn’t always easy. To calculate your crypto and pay the least amount of tax legally possible you need to determine the cost-basis of every token you purchase, track every sale, and be able to work out the best way to identify your trades to optimize your taxes.

Let our CPAs do it for you.

Our team of top tier professionals offers a full service for cryptocurrency traders, miners, and businesses including tax preparation, tax planning and accounting, and reconciliation for all forms of cryptocurrency transactions.

Why Choose Camuso CPA?

Our firm’s founder, Patrick Camuso, has a top-tier background working at the top Big 4 professional service firm for over 5 years specifically within the investment management and real estate space consulting for the world’s premier asset managers and real estate companies.

Patrick developed Camuso CPA to transcend standard industry client service models by taking an entrepreneurial approach to deliver clients the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.