Your choice of entity and tax treatment for your business is one of the first decisions that you will make regarding your business and it should be with care. Like any business decision, the key to making the right choice is having the right information.

Tax planning and industry financial expertise is critical for S-Corporation owners. S corporations offer significant tax benefits to business owners and investors but impose extra costs onto owners which must be considered when assessing the S-Corporation tax structure for your business. To obtain the tax benefits of an S-corporation structure, you will have to work closely with a CPA during the year on tax planning to ensure you are taking the correct measures to minimize your taxes.

Patrick delivers an unrivaled depth of knowledge and network, providing an engaging experience relevant to each clients’ distinctive needs; helping them to improve operational efficiency, minimize taxes and maximize cash flows and profits.

This webinar is modeled from live presentations that Patrick has delivered to several business events where he saw a significantly positive response.

Webinars combine real life examples, storytelling and actionable steps leaving the attendees with the insights and motivation to improve their business and finances.


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