Our CPAs provide annual in depth analysis of reasonable compensation for business owners that is structured and provides written comprehensive reports.

Determining your Reasonable Compensation Can Help In Many Areas:

  • Tax Planning
  • IRS Audit
  • Portfolio Structuring
  • Entity Planning
  • Estate & Retirement Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Divorce

S-Corporation and C-Corporation

Our team of CPA’s are constantly gathering support from every level of legislative and administrative tax authority to make sure you pay yourself a reasonable wage, positioning you to capture the tax benefits of a corporation while staying within the limits of IRS scrutiny.

Camuso CPA PLLC’s Reasonable Compensation Reports establish a reasonable Compensation fully defensible to the IRS.

Camuso CPA PLLC’s Reasonable Compensation Reports values the work performed by shareholder-employees for your company.

There are no specific guidelines for reasonable compensation. Courts that have ruled on reasonable compensation have based the determinations on the specific facts and circumstances of each case.

Some factors considered by the courts in determining reasonable compensation:

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Time and effort allocated to the business
  • Training and experience
  • Market rates for comparable services
  • Non-shareable employee payment
  • Dividend history
  • Timing and manner of bonuses
  • Compensation

A Variety Of Businesses and Investors Can Benefit From Reasonable Compensation Reports.

Contact Camuso CPA PLLC to build the foundation of your business and gain a trusted partner to achieve your business and financial success:

  • Real Estate brokers
  • Real Estate agents
  • Real Estate investors
  • Property management companies
  • Restaurant owners
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • All S corporation Owners
  • All C corporation Owners

If you’re looking for accounting services for reasonable compensation in Charlotte, NC, give Camuso CPA PLLC a call today. Our representatives will happily go over any information regarding how we can address your needs.

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