What is a Bounty Campaign?

Nowadays, it has become a trend to use bounty campaigns to earn free tokens, and by earning you gain accumulated tokens that in turn are converted to a dollar value. It becomes the wisest marketing strategy, one that uses a broad and wide network of participants. When a project is promoted by its participants or members, it becomes a public relations event known as a bounty campaign. The term bounty campaign is being used in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowd sale campaigns. The members in such a campaign are being rewarded with block-chain tokens offered for sale during an ICO. Therefore, each user can participate in a bounty campaign and get rewarded. It is a creative chain. It should have members in a network where verification and validation of transaction authenticity is confirmed so no falsification and bogus transactions and accounts are involved.

If you are a firm believer of initial coin offering – decentralized economy where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin, Ethereum and many more are given away for free, then support bounty campaigns. There are various ways to earn crypto tokens like:  signature campaigns and bounty campaigns that include writing an article on your own blog, Twitter campaign, FB campaign, Signature, and Translation- Lending Your Money and Trading Goods. So many industries and investors are involved in bounty campaigns as marketing strategy, motivate product users and as promotional medium to market products and services.

There are so many marketplace bounty campaigns for the neophyte who wants to start earning free crypto tokens. Before joining the campaign make sure to read rules and tasks governing the campaign process. Users can create multiple accounts, but it doesn’t mean you create multiple account for scamming others, authenticity is also monitored. Most campaigns start with having a network and members that is also included in guidelines. Social media plays vital role in a successful campaign.

  • Facebook: campaign is like twitter campaign, users need to share, posts and like.
  • Twitter: There are a certain followers’ guidelines if twitter is used as medium for bounty campaign just like Facebook. One just need to like, re tweet or tweet it depends on campaign rules.
  • Blog: Some users can earn free coin by writing article on a blog.
  • Translation: One needs to translate the announcement thread in a certain local language and post it.

Bounty campaign allows to motivate the users of a product for various promotional activities in exchange for a reward in tokens Whatever bounty campaign medium is used, bottom line is for each member or participant to follow rules and guidelines every industry has embedded on the type of bounty campaign.  Sense of responsibility and integrity is at its level, be mindful of scammers and support the crypto industry.

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